Conference “ICI Annual General Partnership Meeting” in China


Aleksandras Stuginskis university‘s Communication and Technology Transfer lawyer Milda Žaliauskaitė has participated in international conference “ICI Annual General Partnership Meeting” in China on September 12-13, 2018.

This event was sponsored by Beijing B&R International Co-Incubation (ICI), Northern Technology Exchange Market (NTEM) and 761C·Space (Beijing) technology Development Co, Ltd, Tianjin Technology Transfer Cluster.

ICI is an independent network, with the mission of connecting the incubation service providers together and facilitating their partnerships. This event was one of the most significant attempts to gather Chinese and International business companies together with science institutions in order to discuss partnership opportunities in various fields: incubation, technology transfer and co-participation in project proposals.

Both in Tianjin and Beijing Milda Žaliauskaitė had an excellent opportunity to present Aleksandras Stulginskis university, its services, open access laboratories, infrastructure and research topics by giving presentations “Research in Practice: Agro-innovation”. Pre-organized B2B meetings took place twice where Milda Žaliauskaitė has collected some valuable contacts of business companies, science institutions, technology transfer offices and investors that hopefully will develop into strong partnerships and successful projects.