Visit at Brno University of Technology


On 10-11 December 2018 Egidijus Kasiulis, head of ASU Communication and Technology Transfer Center, was on a traineeship visit at Brno University of Technology (BUT) and their Technology Transfer Office (TTO). TTO at BUT has 15 years of experience in technology transfer area and is one of the departments of the Brno University of Technology. At every faculty of BUT works their own technology transfer manager which is also a young scientist at the faculty, therefore has good knowledge of scientific research and scientific services that can be topical for business. TTO also employs lawyer and intellectual property manager. Currently main goal of the TTO at BUT is to attempt to commercialize as many patented scientific inventions at BUT as possible. It is expected that this year the number of patents at BUT will reach 600. TTO at BUT from this year started to support the formation of young companies. This so called soft spin-offs has to fullfill three conditions: at least one employer of the university has to work at the company, company has to use the know-how and scientific experience of the certain faculty and company has to use scientific equipment available at the faculty.

Almost every university in the Czech Republic has their own technology transfer office. It was good to hear that in the Czech Republic there is an association of TTOs where members can gather to discuss the issues and improvements needed. This also could be step forward for newly formed and older technology transfer centers in Lithuania.