Innovative companies

Greta Putnaitė, self-employed

„Cannamella“ – producer of milk caramel. Company has already developed five different caramel recipes and produces classic caramel, caramel with coconut, hazelnuts, lyophilized raspberries and strawberries.

Greta Putnaitė’s business goal is to produce a milk caramel for different flavours using just best products without adding additional preservatives and offer most affordable price for the clients. The brand name of company came from the medieval Latin compound word: canna (sugarcane) and mella (honey).

9 projektai, Ltd

Company provide consultation on: vertical production of agricultural technology and the development of new products;

management and development of enterprises and business activities;

development and administration of EU support projects  for private business companies, public enterprises and other public entities.

Edita Danilčenko, self-employed

Edita Danilčenko business main activity is procession and preservation of fruits and vegetables. Company’s brand “Sotu Sotu” presents berries and vegetable powders, made in the process of low-temperature desiccation. This creates 100% natural, functional and healthy products without added colours and taste additives.

Atrast, Ltd

Designing and manufacture of home interior and landscape elements. The production is made using natural and environment friendly materials – steel, glass, stone, wood.

Žiedų skonis,

Production of tea made from colourful Lithuanian flowers and meadow herbs, jams made from forest berries and honey, condiment, dainty made from garden fruits and vegetables.


Laitis, SP

The aim of the company is building knowledge and sharing of information related with creation, analyse and improvement of innovative products.

Grainis, SP

Grainis offer various sizes of hydroponic sprouting systems that is suitable from the largest to the smallest farms of livestock. Company can design, produce and install a customized system.

Verslo vadovas, Ltd

The aim of company is to help optimize of business sales, using different methods and technics – sales analysis and monitoring, internal training, phone sales and others.

Biogeba, SP

Biogeba is an experienced team of highly skilled professionals, who have collected years of experience in biomass energy, cogeneration, process automation and business consulting.

City Business Group, Ltd

The company provides accounting services, advises companies on issues related with  taxation, business start-ups and young business development

Litplants, Ltd

Main activities of the company are forest acquisition, afforestation, sales, researches in the field of afforestation and provision of agro-services.

Kanapiniai namai, Ltd
Sigitas Račiūnas, self-employed
Plantopolis, Ltd
Žemės kontūras, Ltd
Kazachstano projektai, Ltd
Plan2study, Ltd
Obuolių namai, Ltd




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