Stage II of Communication and Technology Transfer Centre (CTTC) development in Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) Nemunas and its infrastructure establishment: formation of CTTC infrastructure and facilities


The aim of project Creation and development of efficient communication and technology transfer infrastructure, in order to achieve synergy of scientific potential.
Project activities

Development of CTTC infrastructure –building of outdoor engineering net in 39 ha ASU territory. General innovation creation and dissemination complex enable new opportunities for intensive cooperation between business and research, and technology transfer

During the reconstructing of Park of Agricultural Science and Technologies, ASU, new CTTC building is projected, constructed and equipped. Common area of new building is 1383 sq. m., the part of area is directed for office (192 sq. m.) and production (621 sq. m.) space of companies in business incubator.

Two open access technological laboratories are equipped in CTTC business incubator, which provide additional knowledge-intensive services for incubated and innovative companies.

Project Implementation                 period 2011 – 2015
Project financing instrument Economic Growth Actions Programme (VP2) 1 Priority Research and Development to Enhance Competitiveness and Economic Growth of the Economy, Measure „Inogeb LT-2“



Promotion of Activities of the Communication and Technology Transfer Centre


The aim of project Strengthening and development of Communication and Technology Transfer Centre (CTTC) activities seeking to create financial benefit for the creators of intellectual property and innovative business.
Project activities

Development and enlargement of common business and research initiatives, implementation of R&D projects in the smart specialization field of agro-innovations and food technologies focusing on innovations applicable in practice and creating added value.

Creation of a commercialization system based on competences of the CTTC joint services team (JST) by identifying the stages of innovation and technology development.

Strengthening of abilities and competences of scholar, researchers, and students/post-doctoral students ensuring the commercialization of SRED results, transfer of knowledge and technologies.

Consolidation of the CTTC organizational structure and management processes, seeking to apply a model of the joint services team (JST) having a pro-active network at the CTTC.

Active promotion and marketing of CTTC services ensuring an effective cooperation between science and business.

Project Implementation period 2018 – 2021
Project financing instrument

EU Structural Funds Investments Programme 2014-2020 1 priority

“Strenghtening research and development and innovation” 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703 measure “Promotion of activities of competence centres and technology transfer centres”

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